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Our team is comprised of Passionate Digital Enthusiasts that meet through YSEALI Critical Thinking Workshop 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. Every single of us is uniquely willing to give a contribution to make a better Digital Community for Indonesia. And through this Coach to Connect Program we are willing to help you to be an Internet Awesome!

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Be an Internet Awesome is not impossible. Everyone can be one, as long as they know what to do and get a reliable resource. We’ll share literature, stories, and resource for you to learn. Be sure that we are in your radar by following our blog and social media.

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In 2019 we are planning to hold an inspiring workshop for Digital Citizen Educators. We called it Coach to Connect workshop. This workshop is designed to equip selected champion educators to prepare students to be a smart digital citizen with Google for Education Be Internet Awesome curriculum & teaching resources. What are you waiting for? Register now. 

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What they say?

“Digital Literacy is an urgent needs for Indonesia People. With this skill, we can be more aware to protect our information on the internet. with this knowledge we may avoid scheme, phising, digital footprints that harming, cyber crime, and hoax. Nowadays, information spread rapidly, and without knowing the truth we may simply join the wildfire … Continue reading Ade Damayanti, Co-Founder at Narakopi

Ade Damayanti, Co-Founder at Narakopi

“Digital Literacy is a real issue in Indonesia today. Our demography which many of them are millennial and at a productive age connect to the internet at least 3.5 Hours per day. Most of that time is spent on social media. Wildfire and Echo chamber in Indonesia social media is really high and we take … Continue reading Steven Sutantro, Tech Transform Coach

Steven Sutantro, Tech Transform Coach

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